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Your Wedding Song

A custom song with personalised music & lyrics

Your Story...
is the best story

Example questions...

When did you meet?

Day, Month, Year...

How did you meet?

Friends, online, in a bar...

What did do for your first date?

Dinner, drinks, cinema, the zoo...

What first caught your eye?

Eyes, smile, personality, appearance

Let's write a custom song as a wedding gift from you to your partner

All songs feature a live piano and/or guitar

Choose from 3 different styles of music

Choose a male or female vocal

Answer the questions and I will incorporate your personal memories into the lyrics of the song. Have a listen to the examples below...

You can even personally record the vocals of song if you'd like to

Would you like your song performed live at your wedding reception as a surprise for your partner and your guests?

Would you like your song to be funny? 

All songs are presented like a gold disc. They are framed on vinyl (not playable) with a printed inner and digital copy of the song on a USB pen drive.

Prices start from £799

Let’s Write Together...

Hitchin, Hertfordshire

England, UK

Tel: 07799260899

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